4 Women Get Real About When, Where, and How They Use Sex Toys


Many people across the globe use sex toys. They are perfect for solo play, couples, anal, or anything else you can imagine. But how does it feel to use one for the first time? Everyone had to start somewhere, and beginning anything can be scary. If you are curious about how using sex toys feels, where you should start, or what the most popular first-time sex toys are, you’re in luck. We will answer all these questions and so much more. 

When Do Women Usually Use Sex Toys for the First Time?

At a young age, people are discovering their bodies and pleasures that come with it. For many, the discovery of masturbation is unforgettable. At one point, they realize that touching themselves in a specific way makes them feel excited. Both men and women start masturbating in their early teens. For some, it might be sooner than later, but the point is the same. They realize that masturbation is something exciting, thrilling, and that you can do whenever you desire!

But when do women start using sex toys? During the early teen years, most girls will experiment with various objects they have. However, they won’t have access to the real thing, and that most likely won’t change until later age. As we all know, teens aren’t able to simply go to their local sex shop and buy stuff, and the only thing they can do is experiment with hairbrushes, cucumbers, bananas, or something similar. These “teen sex toys” are a suitable replacement until they can buy the real thing. 

Most women had their first contact with real sex toys when they joined adulthood. Whether they received them as a joke for their twentieth birthday or they decided to get some for themselves, the answer is the same. The early twenties are usually the time when women start experimenting with sex toys and discovering all the pleasure that comes with them. 

Common Reason for Getting a Sex Toy

If you wondered why you should get a sex toy, the answer is — why not? You can stick to pen and paper for fractions and algebra, or you can use a calculator and save yourself the hassle. Sex toys are designed to make you feel good and pleasure yourself in a way that would be difficult otherwise. 

But some girls receive their first toy as a gag (no pun intended). Their friends probably thought that it would be hilarious to buy her a dildo for her eighteenth birthday, just to see how uncomfortable she’d get. Unfortunately, people often buy sex toys as a joke or a naughty present, but they still serve a purpose. Many will still try them out eventually after curiosity gets the better of them especially when they are at their comfort zone. After that, their entire view of sex toys and sexuality, in general, will change. 

Today, there are so many different toys available, and they can pleasure you in ways you never thought possible. Whether you get one for G-spot stimulation, an anal toy, a soft or hard one, or anything in-between, they can make your journey toward an orgasm much more intense and pleasurable. 

Of course, some people get sex toys on purpose to heat things up under the sheets. After all, toys are a perfect way to spice up one’s sex life!

The Most Common Type of Sex Toys That First-Timers Get

Even though there are so many possibilities, first-timers will usually stick to something safer and more basic. While there is a chance that someone will go wild with their first toy, it’s not as common. But there is nothing wrong with that. Going slow and safe is probably the best thing you can do when experimenting with sex and sexuality.

Usually, the first toy will be a cheaper, plastic vibrator or a dildo. One of the finest examples is a bullet vibrator. They are often smaller, and they have several settings for intensity or speed. Bullet vibrators are excellent for clitoral stimulation, and they are a safe bet if you don’t want a regular immobile dildo. 

Furthermore, some prefer standard silicone dildos without a motor or vibrations since they are easier to clean, don’t require battery replacement, and are a bit less kinky. 

How Does It Feel Getting Your First Sex Toy?

There are several stages of getting your first sex toy. Firstly, you will get the idea of purchasing one. You are likely aware that many people across the globe are using them, so why wouldn’t you too? Of course, it’s perfectly normal that, after a while, that idea becomes more appealing to you. You might get intrigued by the thought of getting yourself a naughty present. 

As the interest increases, you will get more and more excited. The sole idea of buying something as kinky as a sex toy can be arousing and thrilling. Over time, you will feel sheer excitement, and you will probably cave in and get yourself a toy. In the meantime, you will probably do a ton of research to see what kind of models you can pick from. Many will likely create a shortlist of the toys they like and, using a simple system of elimination, will finally find a winner!

Of course, you’ll probably be a bit skeptical at one point and wonder if dildo sex is really as incredible as people say. But over time, you will look back to the pre-toy era and wonder how you ever managed to survive without one. 

What Is the Difference Between an Orgasm With and Without a Sex Toy?

Orgasms are incredible, and everyone loves them. But is there a difference between the one you’ll get with a toy? The answer is yes. It is vital to mention that orgasms can vary based on the type of stimulation. The primary difference is that these toys are created to help you reach an orgasm. While it is still possible to climax without a toy, there is a chance that it won’t be nearly as intense as the one with a vibrator, for example. 

One of the primary reasons toys are fantastic if you are going solo is that you will have full control over your pleasure. Sex is an act between two people (at least), and while it is incredible, you are not the only person in control. But with a toy, you will dictate the tempo, the speed, and when to stop. Furthermore, some toys like rabbit vibrators, for example, can pleasure both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously. While using fingers, penis, tongue, or anything else is amazing, these body parts don’t have vibrations, speed selection, or anything else toys have to offer. 

Possible Bad Experiences When Using a Sex Toy

Firstly, cleaning toys is one of the essential things you should remember. Whatever product you purchase, you will need to take care of it. Using something that’s not clean, or even worse — used by someone else — can lead to infections and various health problems. So it is still possible to have a bad experience if you are not well-informed. 

For example, you will need to know the material of your toy to avoid ruining it while cleaning or using it. There are so many vibrators with a motor that isn’t waterproof, so dipping them in water will only destroy the toy. Moreover, you will need to know which type of lubricant is compatible with each toy to avoid potential damage to them. 

Furthermore, we highly recommend you read the instructions and take the necessary precautions before you start playing. It is not uncommon to hear about people with toys stuck deep in their private parts, and you probably don’t want something like that happening. 

Some people are also too shy about using sex toys; they use them only when they are alone or when they focus too much on orgasm. While reaching a climax is an otherworldly sensation, that isn’t the only purpose of sex toys — you can use them with your partner as well. 

Using Sex Toys With Partners

Even though many believe that sex toys are for solo action, there is no reason to be selfish. Share your kinks with your partner to make it more exciting and interesting. There are so many toys designed for couples, and many people use them all around the world. Of course, you will need to talk to your significant other if you don’t already know what their take on the whole toy thing is. Some people are kinkier than others, and they will embrace the idea of wearing a cock cage or a butt plug much more readily. 

But even if you and your partner are a bit more vanilla, you can still enjoy yourself with a regular vibrator or dildo. These toys don’t have to be a dirty secret, and your sex lives will be even better if you share them! Of course, if you and your partner plan on using the same toy, you will need to clean it adequately. However, by sharing a toy in the bedroom, your partner can just “hold the helm.” You can merely lie down and let them do the fun part the same way you would yourself. Aren’t toys just a fantastic addition to any type of sex?! 

Advice for Those Who Are Planning to Use a Sex Toy for the First Time

The first sex toy tip we have for you is to be safe and take your time. You don’t need to feel ashamed if you are not ready to take a ten-inch dildo. That’s perfectly normal. Focus on what you need and wish, instead of listening to other people and what they find arousing. You are who is important, and you should find the toy that’s suitable for you. 

Once you’ve found the toy that you like, you need to take care of it. That means you should clean it both before and after playing. Moreover, you should find a place to store it while it’s not in use. However, that doesn’t mean you should hide it, but keep it in a place where it won’t be exposed to dust, pet hair, or anything else. 

Finally, be sure to read the instructions on your toy. You need to know its material and how to maintain it adequately. For example, some lubricants are not compatible with all toys. Some gadgets are also heat-sensitive, while some might not be waterproof. Most importantly, you need to know if you have allergies. While all toys are manufactured from body-safe materials, some people can still have an allergic reaction to using them. But if you take all the precautions, you will be fully prepared to enjoy your new sex toy!