Pegging: A Straight Guy’s Anal Experience

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about how couples split up because of dull and boring sex. Sometimes, it seems like it’s all we hear. Partners get bored with the same old stuff while having intercourse. Luckily, there are many ways you can change that.

From trying out role-playing to employing sex toys, there’s a whole world of kink and naughtiness that can help spark your love life once again. And seeing how we’re becoming more and more open to various fetishes, maybe it’s time you and your partner try something completely different.

Yes, we’re talking pegging. Female to male anal sex action can make a big difference in both your sexual experiences. But before we continue to ramble on, let’s go into detail about reversing booty play.

What Is Pegging Exactly?

Namely, pegging is a form of sexual activity that involves a man receiving anal sex from his

9 Things To Know About Dildo Use Across The United States

Long before battery-operated vibrators were even a blip on the radar of human existence, there were dildos. Dildos have been used for thousands of years, with the oldest dildo being 28,000 years old. Made of stone and clearly shaped like a penis, when the archeologists found it along a German mountain range in 2005, there was little doubt as to what it was probably used for — you know, because if it looks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

In celebration of the dildo, a sex toy that has obviously been a part of societies for, well almost forever, sex toy retailer Lovehoney is adding 17 new dildos to their Lifelike Lover dildo collection. To accompany these new additions to the collection, Lovehoney turned to the country that purchases the most dildos from their company: the United States. With U.S. sex toy sales comprising 12 percent of all …

Types of Dildos and the Things You Need to Know About Them

Dildos are interesting and fun sex toys to play with. Believe it or not, they may even be one of the oldest sex toys mankind has ever invented. There have been a few alterations as time went by, but they’re still the same good old dildo that we love. However, as these variations were introduced, it gets confusing, which is which. These days, the market is riddled with all sorts of dildos, from glass to silicone to god knows what. Either way, it gets harder and harder to choose which dildo will suit your needs. Fear not, today we will discuss the different types of dildos!

Types of Dildos

Dildos are often considered as the boring cousin of the vibrators because they do little other than penetrate the body. However, even if penetration is the main purpose, dildos come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and functions. There are a lot …

Why a horse dildo must be included in your collection

By clicking on this article, we can safely assume that you’re not a complete newbie, and you already know your way around dildos and various sex toys. Let’s say you’ve experimented with several of these bad boys, and now you’ve acquired a taste for it. It’s no longer just a couple of Santa’s Little Helpers lying around — you’ve actually started referring to your sex toy arsenal as a collection.

So where do you go from here? Dildos as an item are a pretty straightforward thing, aren’t they? Their imitational purposes are clear to anyone, and pretty much all that’s left for you to decide on is your toy’s size and firmness. You can’t really go creative with how a dildo can look like. Or can you?

As the sex toy industry expands, we get to experience a wider variety of toys on offer. From weird items we don’t really

4 Women Get Real About When, Where, and How They Use Sex Toys

Many people across the globe use sex toys. They are perfect for solo play, couples, anal, or anything else you can imagine. But how does it feel to use one for the first time? Everyone had to start somewhere, and beginning anything can be scary. If you are curious about how using sex toys feels, where you should start, or what the most popular first-time sex toys are, you’re in luck. We will answer all these questions and so much more.

When Do Women Usually Use Sex Toys for the First Time?

At a young age, people are discovering their bodies and pleasures that come with it. For many, the discovery of masturbation is unforgettable. At one point, they realize that touching themselves in a specific way makes them feel excited. Both men and women start masturbating in their early teens. For some, it might be sooner than later, but

How Vibrators Were Invented

Vibrators for women are popular devices, with about 52 percent of women owning one in the United States alone. But what about this sex toy’s history? How did this device come to be? Was it perhaps a tool that doctors used to cure hysterical paroxysm in women in the 19th century? Well, the short answer is no. That is a misconception that has been passed down through the pages of the web. The truth is not as bizarre as that.

Vibrators to Cure Hysteria

The misconception that doctors used powerful vibrating devices to cure women of hysteria in the 19th century can be traced back to a book that came out in 1999. This book was by Rachel Maines, and it was called “The Technology of Orgasm: ‘Hysteria,’ the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction.” In the book, she had made a hypothesis that people ended up believing because it sounded

The Benefits Of Using Sex Toys With Your Partner, Because They Don’t Take Away From Anything

I got my first vibrator when I was 18, yet I didn’t start using sex toys with a partner until I was 26. Letting someone else in on my solo sex routine felt almost like peeing with them in the bathroom (which I’ve also done, TBH, so I’m not sure why this was a big deal). But I used a finger vibrator with my partner for the first time last winter, and now that I’ve experienced the joys of simultaneous orgasms, I ain’t ever going back. I’m a total sex toy evangelist.

How did I not come around sooner? It seems so obvious that what will make you feel good alone will have the same effect in another’s company. But the truth is, I’d always had a nagging feeling that sex with a toy wasn’t “real” sex— that it would be less connected or romantic. The one time I suggested …