Do Nuns Use Dildos?


If your answer was immediately negative, our next question is — how do you know for sure? We can only know so much about the wondrous lives of nuns. Everything is speculation, so let’s talk about how they would go about using dildos.

Are They Even Allowed to Have One?

To answer this question, we have to look at the kind of lives nuns live. As they explain it, they have the absolute permission to have all kinds of feelings. They can even have actual romantic or sexual feelings towards another person. All that matters is that they don’t act on these feelings. So how does nun sex work? It doesn’t because they allegedly don’t have any.

Having sex can result in a pregnancy (unless you follow these tips). So we understand how it’s risky to even try to secretly have some. That brings us to our next question — what about sex toys? To be specific, what about dildos? Of course, it is forbidden for them to have these sinful toys. Still, this doesn’t mean that they don’t.

They can easily sneak it into their rooms and hide it whenever they want. It’s not like someone is coming to inspect them.

Sodomy of Nuns

Now, let’s make one thing clear — sodomy has more than one meaning. In this case, we’re talking about all kinds of sex that cannot result in pregnancy. This includes anal intercourse, oral sex, and everything in between. If you consider masturbation a kind of sex — it can fit right into this category.

There’s no actual proof that anyone within any religious order practices this kind of sex. Still, it’s only natural that there is no proof. If you don’t get pregnant, who’s going to know that you’ve had sex in the first place? That’s right — it’s your sinful little secret.

Since we can’t know for sure, there’s no reason not to assume that nuns don’t indulge in some kind of sexual pleasure. So how would they do this with a dildo, if not with another human? It’s simpler than you think!

Truth be told, nuns do have an incredibly busy schedule. It’s probably difficult to find the time to just hide somewhere to masturbate. Still, they get some alone time in the toilet, showers, and in bed at night. The possibilities are truly endless, and all they need to do is be quiet. That shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What’s the Penance for This Act?

However, what if someone catches nuns in the act? Well, it’s not all about getting caught because some nuns can feel really bad and confess their sins. Of course, consequences should and will follow. Back in the medieval days, nuns would have to suffer penance during holy days for one year. This could mean multiple things. However, since we’re not in medieval times, nuns aren’t using medieval sex toys, and there are new ways in which orders operate. Punishments are different as well. 

A convent of nuns and sisters has its own rules. Actually, each of them can be quite different from each other. So how they handle a situation like this can vary. Most often, nuns repent and show remorse for their sinful acts. Nobody just throws them out of the convent. The Mother Superior will decide what happens. She will usually offer to have multiple conversations with the nun in question to make sure she’s “back in line” with the Lord and his ways.

The nun could also take some form of therapy or resolve her issues with the Lord through prayer. We doubt that the consequences for making honest mistakes are grave nowadays.

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They Are Human Beings After All

Since these types of sins are written down in the Penitential, that only means that some nuns are committing them. No laws, rules, or consequences exist without a good reason. Medieval nuns sure knew how to have some fun before someone put their foot down. Even though many consider this a sin, we don’t think they were doing anything wrong.

Nuns are human beings too. Just because they’re nuns and they took specific vows doesn’t mean that they are stripped from their emotions and needs. We are lucky enough to be able to masturbate whenever we want. Even though they chose this way of life, it doesn’t mean it’s not hard for them to keep up with it.

Being human and making mistakes shouldn’t be punishable greatly. Who will have more understanding for them than the Lord they serve Himself? Nuns really need a break. They should have a few days in the year where they can live their best nun life however they want.


Nuns don’t have it easy. Still, they knew what they were getting into. This doesn’t mean they stop being human once they become nuns. They have feelings and needs. Sometimes, fulfilling these needs is all they can do, no matter the consequences.