How to elevate your style with Jeweled Butt Plugs


Anal sex is becoming more and more popular. But many are those who refuse or hesitate to taste this pleasure. Indeed, this sexual practice must be deployed in an approach of mutual trust, marked by a lot of patience, gentleness as well as adapted foreplay. And to help you, you can decorate your preliminaries with small jewels, also called “anal plugs”.

  • What is an anal jewel?
  • How to choose your anal jewelry?
  • How to use your anal jewelry?
  • How to maintain your anal jewel?

This is an opportunity to learn gently about the hidden delights of sodomy. The primary purpose of the anal plug is to delicately relax the anal sphincters to tame this forbidden area and discover that it can provide immense pleasure.

What is an anal jewel?

There are different kinds and forms of plugs, but all have a warhead-shaped head in common which facilitates insertion into the anus. And in order not to sink too far into your privacy, they have a narrow collar and a wider and flat base, the latter allowing to keep them in place in all your movements.

And once the sesame is well in place in the anus, like geisha balls in the vagina, the anal jewel can stay there for several hours for the naughty pleasure of some who like to feel its sweet and exciting presence while continuing their occupations.

Introduced delicately, these little anal gems allow you to gradually and gently dilate the anus for an initiation, or to prepare for receiving sodomy, or for simply having fun during your lovemaking.

How to choose your anal jewelry?

As with all sex toys that are more beautiful and promising than each other, a wide range is available to you, but it is above all important to remain humble and reasonable in choosing the size of your first plug.

When you are initiated, you can always increase your gluttony and change size later.

What shape to choose?

It all depends on your scenario and your desires! Some plugs are more specifically reserved for men with their slightly curved tip which tickles them where it feels good … namely the prostate. And more than making them feel good, their naughty toy also promises a more intense erection and a tenfold orgasm.

You will also find the famous anal finger worn by your partner like a ring, or in the same range the rosary. This allows light and pleasant back and forth.

You also have, rascals, to animate your erotic games, which end in rabbit tail or girly pink pompom, ponytail or fox tail. These last two, quite long can turn into a nice whip …

And the sublime and very popular with women and men who find it particularly sexy: the Rose Bud jewel, very girly, shiny like a diamond to adorn your pretty buttocks and thus give radiance to your pleasure.

And in what matter?

Again, the range is rich. These small anal jewels are offered in metal, silicone, textured, more or less long to intensify the pleasure, inflatable (they thus allow to adapt very particularly to your anatomy and to go there gradually and very smoothly), in wood (yes, yes, and guaranteed without splinters! Wood is a noble material), and in glass (ideal for playing with the temperature… cold shivering or hot to raise the temperature).

How to use your anal jewelry?

So now that you have chosen your plug (the ideal being to have several to enjoy the games offered), all you have to do is get started in recreation.

The preparation

However, any use requires a preparation. First, prepare your anus or that of your partner with your finger previously induced with lubricant. Pet him, tickle him, press very gently with the pulp of your finger as you would press the button of a doorbell.

And you will have this nice surprise to see it open to invite you to enter it and be more daring. You can also prepare the anus with an annulungus: kiss it lightly and then accentuate it with more gourmet kisses. And why not offer a penetration with your language? A practice much appreciated by connoisseurs.

Then coat the plug with lubricant over its entire surface and insert it very gently. You can then make it turn slightly on itself so as to gradually widen the anus to gently prepare it for sodomy.


Solo, it allows you to increase your sensations during a solitary pleasure with your fingers or accompanied by a dildo. You can also wear it during the day, walk around, go to the office, without anyone suspecting it, and this, for your enjoyment.

In duet

But the most popular use is certainly that of couples. Again, the games are numerous and everyone can find their pleasure.

They will stimulate the prostate in men while intensifying its erection and providing intense orgasms. In women, they enhance vaginal penetration, tightening the vaginal walls and thus increasing pleasant pressure on the male’s sex.

The naughty touch: everyone wears his plug during the antics…

Our selection: the TOP anal jewelry

To help you choose your anal jewel, we have selected three that are both very stylish and very accessible in terms of budget:

Jewelery Silver Small Blue butt plug

anal jewelry 3At the top of the podium: the Jewelery Silver Small Blue anal plug from the brand Dolce Piccante and produced by designer Giovanni Santini, a real gem at a price of € 22.9.

The Something Darker glass butt plug

Second, the ideal piece of jewelry for beginners: the Something Darker Jeweled Butt Plugs from the brand Fifty Shades of Gray at a price of € 32.9.

It is made of transparent, resistant and non-porous glass, and takes the best shape for an anal plug: a conical silhouette with a wide, secure base.

The Mini Luv butt plug

And, in third position, the Mini Luv anal plug from the brand Fetish Fantasy Gold at a price of € 29.90. Its fine point ensures easy penetration. Insert it until only the pretty jewelry appears. A little wonder. And if you want others, follow the guide, it’s here and let yourself be tempted … You will ask for more.

Aside from the options mentioned above, you have more to choose from at love plugs.

How to maintain your anal jewel?

Last little point to address: hygiene. Indeed, the hygiene of your jewelry, yours and that of your partner are extremely important. In contact with biological fluids (blood, stool, vaginal secretions), the plug can be a vector of sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore of major importance to rigorously maintain your anal jewel.

Clean it carefully, with an antibacterial soap, before and after each use, and especially before exchanging it with your partner. Spray it with a disinfectant, and ideally use special disinfectants for sex toys.

The best thing is to each have its own plug or plugs, and avoid sharing them, unless you really know your partner.