Straight Guys and Dildos — a Match Made In Heaven


I Love Using a Dildo On Myself — Confessions of a Straight Guy

When someone mentions a dildo, what’s the first thing you think about? Let me guess — a hot girl plunging the silicone shaft into herself, moaning her pretty little head off? Or perhaps a cute little twink doing his best to gape his asshole?

Either way, if my guess is right (it usually is), you imagine someone who loves dick. Or, better said, you aren’t imagining a straight dude going at it with a realistic massive black dildo. Or, well, maybe you are; who am I to judge your fantasies?

People tend to think that straight guys think of their butts as one-way highways — things go out, but nothing ever comes in. Well, if you ask me, that’s a proper waste of valuable pleasure real estate and a really backward way of thinking. Most people seem to be asking themselves, “Can men use dildos?” As if they’re wondering if men can fly!

The answer, of course, is yes (to the dildo thing, please don’t go leaping off of a building, thinking your open-mindedness and willingness to shove stuff in your butt will give you the ability to fly).

To prove my statement is correct, I’ll tell you a little story about my journey through the world of dildos. It has its ups and downs (get it?), so buckle up, boys!

Straight Guys Using Dildos — Fighting the Stereotypes

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me get some things straight (in every sense of the word) — I am a happily married heterosexual man. Believe me, I’ve checked. But, I’m getting ahead of myself here a bit.

There are a lot of stereotypes and even more stigma when it comes to men using dildos. People (especially other men) tend to think that it inherently makes you gay. You love having things in your butt, so you must love dick.

I mean, I get where those people are coming from, but straight guys using dildos is a thing that happens! We aren’t some mythical beasts or an old wives’ tale. We exist, and we’re proud of our love of dildos.

Using a dildo doesn’t make you gay. That’s a homophobic point of view and, honestly, a foolish conclusion. Nothing can make you gay — you either are or you aren’t.

Sure, gay men are more prone to anal sex toys, but that doesn’t mean that every person with a dick who uses anal toys is gay. That’s not how pleasure and sexuality work.

My Introduction to the Glorious World of Dildos

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I thought using anal toys won’t be appealing to me because I’m not gay. I didn’t believe that all men who used dildos were homosexual, but I did think that it wasn’t for me. And I thought so without even trying it out.

Way back when I was a young, single man, willing to experiment and chase that super high that comes after awesome orgasms, I was convinced that the ultimate orgasm could only be a direct result of penile stimulation.

One Fateful Night in Senior Year

And then I met John. Yes, his name is super generic and, of course, made up. John was intelligent and had an open mind, which made talking with him extremely interesting. On one, now historic, night, John and I were talking about sex and how pleasure is different for everyone.

He mentioned how he doesn’t understand why straight men are basically refusing to explore all pleasurable facets of their bodies.

To cut a long story short, John made some valid points that night. He got me thinking — if I’m not willing to try everything out, how can I expect my partners to be as adventurous in bed as I’d like them to be? Or, even worse, how could I expect to please my partners if I’m not willing to do whatever it takes to please myself first?

So, I decided — I’ll explore my body. At least then I’d be able to say if something was “my thing” or not with absolute certainty.

So I Went Online and Bought a Dildo

After talking to John, I immediately went online and bought a huge dildo. As you can guess, this was a grave error. But, at the time, I was on an alcohol-induced roll. I learned later that it’s best to start small, and that virgin assholes and massive dildos don’t mix well.

Anyway, I can’t explain why I was so determined to try out anal sex toys. After my first mistake, I bought a smaller toy and tried shoving a few fingers up my ass to see what the fuss was about.

Surprise, surprise — as soon as I found my prostate, I was in love.

Did That Make Me Gay? No!

From there on, my collection of dildos and anal sex toys grew. I was so happy with myself because I overcame specific, internalized stereotypes and was rewarded with a lot of pleasure.

After sharing my discovery with some people, I was faced with the same old idiotic questions — are you sure you aren’t gay? Maybe you aren’t aware that you’re gay? Perhaps you’re bi?

And it was frustrating. I enjoyed dildos, but I knew that I loved women deep down (and on the surface). The prospect of having sex with a man (the entire thing, not just the dildo) wasn’t appealing.

But, just to be sure, I tried it out. Suffice to say that it didn’t work. Masturbating with dildos didn’t magically make me gay. What a shocker, right?

And Then I Had to Tell My Wife…

I went on with my life and simply included dildos in my typical masturbation routine. I didn’t share this with many people, and I didn’t tell my hookups about it. As you can imagine, whipping out a dildo in the middle of a hot makeout session with a one-night stand wasn’t on my agenda.

But then I met my wife, and we got serious pretty quickly. After our first talk about moving in together, I realized I’d either have to tell her about my little bundle of joy (the pouch that held all my dildos) or give them up.

Luckily She Was on Board

Telling my then-girlfriend-now-wife about my dildos had positive effects on our relationship. It made us communicate more openly and talk about our sexual desires and needs. I honestly don’t know if our relationship and, consequently, marriage would be as healthy if we didn’t have what I now call the dildo talk.

Although taken aback a bit, my wife was supportive and open-minded. She was so okay with it that I was a bit in shock. It worked in my favor that she has particular fantasies about me being penetrated, which played out nicely.

Take a Peek at My Routine (Both Sans Wife and Our Sexy Times Together)

Thanks to my wife’s positive attitude, my routine changed a bit. Slowly, we included dildos in our regular sexcapades, and I kept my regular masturbation routine the same (butt-stuff included).

Today, my wife and I have an open-communication rule, and we share fantasies. It’s a great way to include your partner and show them every aspect of yourself. It’s also a great bonding experience, especially when we pick and choose sex toys together.

Dildos get us so rilled up that our sex life is better than I ever could have imagined. My little bundle of joy isn’t so little anymore, and my trusty dildos now have vibrator friends and strap-on cousins. We use the toys both on myself and my wife.

The feeling of using a dildo is almost unexplainable. Feeling so full that you might burst is exceptionally pleasurable. Not to mention, hitting those unique spots inside will surely make your head spin.

There’s nothing better than the orgasm that comes after internal and external stimulation. Having my wife slowly push the dildo inside of me while I’m inside of her is a feeling that I wish everyone could experience. What can I say — I love sharing my joy!

Of course, not every sexual activity in our household has to include dildos. Sometimes my wife and I have regular sex (no toys required). What’s more, I don’t even use dildos every time I masturbate. They are amazing, and they give me mind-blowing orgasms, but masturbating with dildos takes time and effort. Sometimes I just want a quicky wank off, so I forgo the sex toys.

Words of Wisdom From a Dildo-Obsessed Guy

If you think my story is inspiring and you’re interested in trying dildos out on yourself, I have a few parting words of wisdom for you.

  • Start small — Using a dildo isn’t a test of strength and endurance. Therefore, don’t go for the biggest one you can find. Start small and, before even buying any sex toys, play with yourself a bit and see if stimulating your butt is even doing anything for you.
  • Start on your own — Although including your significant other sounds super hot, it’s best if you start this journey alone. That way, you’ll have more control, and you’ll be more secure once you do invite someone else to your anal play sessions.
  • Lubrication is paramount — No matter how small the dildo is, always use plenty of lube. Less is more isn’t a rule that applies to lubrication during anal play.
  • It will feel weird at first — Don’t expect instantaneous pleasure the first time you breach your asshole. It will feel strange, especially while you pull it out. Give yourself some time to adjust and, of course, aim for the prostate.