The Impact of Sex Toys on a Relationship


If your sex life is getting a little dull and you don’t know how to bring it up to your partner — just ask if you can introduce sex toys. These handy little things will change your whole world. If your partner doesn’t want that, make sure you don’t force it on them. Still, you can read this article together and find out how sex toys can help enhance your sex life.

The Taboo Surrounding the Use of Toys in a Relationship

Using sex toys in a healthy relationship is not something every couple will try. Why? They simply think they don’t need “any help” in the bedroom. This way of thinking has created a massive taboo around the practice of using toys with your partner. Luckily, couples are trying new things nowadays, and they’re doing it without fear of judgment. What happens between them is their business anyway.

Why is the old way of thinking bad in this case? Using sex toys doesn’t mean that you need aid or that anything is wrong with your sex life. It simply means that you’re trying to spice things up. Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, or maybe you’re even married. Doing the same old things during sex for years will make at least one of the partners tired of that routine.

That’s why you should invest in all kinds of sex toys to keep things fun in the bedroom. Sure, you can try changing the positions first and experiment with power play. However, no trick will work as well as introducing sex toys will.

Bruises a Man’s Ego?

Another misconception is that using sex toys in the bedroom will hurt your man’s ego. How is he going to compete with a sex toy after all? It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple dildo or a vibrator — sometimes, a toy can do much more than your partner can. However, that’s perfectly normal. Your partner might need time to get to know your body better to be able to hit all of the right spots.

Still, the days of hurting men’s egos are long gone. Nowadays, men know better than to be threatened by a little toy. Besides, there are toys designed especially for couples so that both partners can enjoy them. Men now readily accept these in their sex lives.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t worry about how your partner will take this new addition. Of course, you should talk to them about it beforehand. In case they’re not comfortable or simply don’t want to use sex toys, you shouldn’t force this idea on them. There are many other ways in which you can heat things up in the bedroom. Adding sex toys is merely one of them.

Coming From Experts

If you’re really struggling with your relationship or sex life right now, you might consider going to a couples counselor. There’s no shame in telling them that your sex lives lack something. In our opinion, that’s way better than going out and cheating on your partner because you’re looking for something new.

While you’re attending your therapy session, it’s not out of the ordinary for your therapist to suggest using sex toys. Using toys in a marriage — or relationships, in general — can have a huge positive impact, according to experts. That only shows that if you don’t trust us, you might trust the person who has a degree in helping others. They will know what they’re talking about.

It’s no wonder that a lot of couples are trying to add a little something to their sexy times. Enjoying sex and sexual health matter more than you might think. A lot of people don’t think that good sex contributes much to their relationship or overall happiness. Sadly, that might be because they have never had good sex, to begin with. Luckily for them, using sex toys can change that immediately.

At the End of the Day, You Are Still Having Sex With Your Partner

Still, it’s just you and your partner, no matter what sex toys you try or what other things you introduce into your lives. It’s all so that your relationship could continue to be healthy and last a long time. Sure, some people might think that love is enough. In most cases, that really is the truth. However, you’re still two different people who change and grow continuously. This means that at some point in your lives, you two might want to try new things or want something completely different altogether.

None of that should worry or intimidate you. That’s exactly why keeping things fun in a relationship matters. Speaking of intimidation, you don’t need to feel that way if your partner asks you about using sex toys during sex. Expressing your feelings is important, so if this isn’t something you want, you can always say no. Still, we encourage you to keep an open mind because you never know what you might like until you try it.

In turn, if you want to be brave and introduce toys to your partner, it’s vital to hear them out. Pay attention to their wishes and desires. Maybe they won’t want to try a sex toy, but they will want to try something else. The ability to come to a compromise is what will help resolve this situation smoothly.

If you see that they’re willing to try something new, don’t just jump straight into “heavy-duty” stuff. You can always start small and work your way towards more intimidating things. Besides, you have all the time in the world to spend together, so there’s no rush.


So if your wife using sex toys worries you, you should relax. Ask her if you can use them on her during sexy times. She will probably be taken aback at first, but we’re sure she won’t want to miss out on mind-blowing orgasms that she knows she’ll get.