What Straight Guys Need to Know About Anal Play


Rules of Anal Play for a Straight Dude

If there’s one thing that doesn’t go hand in hand with straight dudes, it’s undoubtedly anal play. However, that’s a somewhat unfortunate turn of events given that men in the past had no problems with exploring the entirety of their bodies when it came to sexual pleasure. What’s more, anal stimulation is something that every man should try at least once.

Sure, butt-stuff isn’t for everyone. Some sex-positive men have tried it and decidedly said, “Meh.” But the anus is an area highly concentrated with nerve endings that can bring you the pleasure that puts vaginal sex (and even oral sex) to shame.

Both men and women enjoy anal intercourse and anal stimulation. However, straight men seem to be ashamed of it because of the unfair and ridiculous stereotypes. Because of that, there isn’t much information about how straight men can enjoy anal sex and other types of anal play adequately.

We’re here today to change that. Anal sex feels divine, and no one should miss out on that (unless they want to). So if you’re looking for the rulebook for straight dudes, here it is.

Communication Is Paramount

The concept of anal sex for men is something that doesn’t change much. They are always on the giving end. But do they have to be?

Of course not. Experimenting, exploring our bodies, and trying out new things on our own and with our partners is essential for our sexual health. But men in heterosexual relationships have a hard time opening up to their partners about anal play. Sure, they love to be on the giving end and are quite vocal about it. But many men would also like to be on the receiving end but are too scared to say that out loud.

Gay men, of course, have no problem with that. But no matter our sexual orientation, we should always be open and honest when communicating with our partners. If we want something (like to try out anal play), we should say so.

Of course, not every sexual activity will get green-lighted with our partners. But we must voice our desires. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck in an endless loop of unsatisfactory sex.

So if you’re in a relationship and would like your partner to play with your ass, make sure to set some time aside to talk to her about it. She’s probably well aware of the benefits of anal sex, and she’d most likely enjoy giving you a prostate orgasm you’ll never forget.

However, that’s not something that will happen spontaneously. You can’t steer her in the direction of your ass and hope she’ll take the hint. You have to talk about it first and set firm boundaries in place. After all, boundaries and open communication make for safer sex (which, in turn, is more pleasurable).

Never Forget About Hygiene

If you’re looking to start playing with your ass, make sure first to clean it adequately. Listen, there’s no way around it; the anus is usually something we consider dirty. Given the primary function of anal sphincters, that isn’t such a leap. So make sure it’s clean before you start shoving anything down there.

However, it takes more than a thorough shower to maintain proper hygiene of the anal area. Anal douching and thorough cleaning are vital, but you also need to stock up on some supplies if you want to have a successful and pleasurable experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your hands (or your partner’s) or sex toys, you’ll still need protection. We don’t condone unprotected anal sex (or any other kind). Therefore, if you’re sharing sex toys, you’ll need condoms. If you’re free-handing it, you’ll need gloves (nothing worse than a hangnail snagging your rim, trust us) and clean-up supplies.

Keep alcohol-free wipes and some cleaning agents nearby. After anal play, you’ll need to clean up everything — not just yourself. If you’re using toys, you need to sanitize and disinfect them properly. Most sex shops sell toy cleaners, but you can also do this with soap and water or alcohol (depending on the type of toy).

Don’t Forget to Use Lots of Lube

When it comes to anal play, lubrication is no joke. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina. That means you won’t be able to just go at it whenever you feel like it. Your ass requires extensive prep work, and that includes lubrication.

Make sure to use plenty of it (even if it seems like too much, better safe than sorry). Also, pay attention to the type of lube you’re using. For example, silicone toys require water-based lube. Don’t make the mistake of using a silicone-based one since it can damage your toy.

Play Around With Different Techniques

Some men have a problem with anal play because they don’t get the appeal. Sure, you shove something in and… then what?

Well, that’s just unimaginative, isn’t it? There are plenty of ways you can approach anal play. First of all, you don’t even need toys or penetration to have fun. If you’re a complete novice, you’ll have plenty of fun with external stimulation.

The anus is extremely sensitive. Therefore, you can experience fantastic pleasure from simple caressing and nudging of the delicate rim. What’s more, you can also achieve external prostate stimulation by pressing on the taint (the perineum).

Of course, there are also plenty of options when it comes to penetration. Try it out with your fingers or with myriad available anal sex toys. Prostate massagers will open up brand-new horizons for you, trust us. Anal beads, butt plugs, and vibrating bullets are also something you might enjoy.

If you’re looking for the toy that will rival them all and leave you feeling full and sated, go for the dildo.

Choosing the Right Dildo

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, as you’re probably well aware. However, picking the right one isn’t a matter of choosing the most appealing color.

The dildo you settle for has to be body-safe. That’s paramount and non-negotiable. Furthermore, although all dildos can be incredible, consider choosing one designed specifically for men. Those will have a flared base, and you won’t have a hard time pulling them out. What’s more, there’s no risk of them lodging themselves in too far, earning you a trip to the ER.

Besides that, make sure to choose a dildo with the appropriate size, girth, and texture. If you’re a complete beginner, don’t let your eyes write checks your butt can’t cash. Pick a smaller dildo and save yourself the hardship that comes with anal tearing.

When it comes to design and texture, make sure to get the best dildo for your needs. If you’re aiming to hit your prostate, get a longer dildo with a slight curve to it so that it can reach it (that way, you’re less likely to miss that pleasure gland). However, if you’re looking for something that can quickly thrust in and out of you or stimulate the entrance, get a ribbed, straight dildo.

A Few Parting Words

Pleasurable, mind-blowing anal play is something you achieve through trial and error. However, as long as you make sure you’re safe and select the right toy, you won’t have trouble reaching higher planes of sexual pleasure. Go for it, and don’t look back! Once you hit your prostate for the first time, you’ll change your mind forever!