Why Most Dildos Have Bright Colors


Do you ever wonder why dildos come in so many fun and bright colors? Well, not everyone is going to reach for skin tones. That’s especially true for people who have regular partners and just want something fun when they’re playing on their own. So, let’s find out why fun colors mean more fun during solo sessions.

Why Are Most Buyers Not Into Skin-Toned Dildos?

Let’s be honest, are you more likely to reach for a skin-colored dildo or for something that’s bright and fun? We get it. There is a large number of people who enjoy realistic dildos, and that’s perfectly fine. However, you can find a realistic-looking penis when having sex with a partner as well. So, why settle for something like that when it comes to your sex toys? The answer is simple — you shouldn’t. 

We don’t believe in dull sex toys. However, they definitely exist. We want you to have fun while you’re getting off. That’s kind of the whole point of the act itself. Why not spice up your plays with vibrant sex toys? More specifically, why not simply pick dildos of all kinds of colors? Colors have no genders, so you don’t have to go strictly pink. Still, we find that women do gravitate towards that color more often. 

You can also go for blue, green, lavender, or just any color that will make you excited to use your dildo. Leave the boring colors for something else because masturbation should be fun, and we’ll make sure you know it.

Loud Colors = Excitement

As we’ve mentioned before, loud colors definitely mean excitement. They just scream it, and so will you after you’re done with them. We are really talking about neon colors. Yes, the brighter, the better. Still, if this doesn’t convince you, let us give you an example. 

Imagine you’re going to an adult toy store. They have any dildo you could possibly imagine, no matter how big, small, or what shape you want them in. But that’s not all — they have all the colors in the world too. So, what will you gravitate towards? Will you pick the plain realistic-looking dildo, or will you pick the brightly-colored one nested in between them? We think we know your answer.

Gravitating towards unusual things is normal. It’s simply in our nature. The same way we stop in our tracks when we see something shiny at a jewelry store. Taking a second glance never hurts anybody, right? Nothing boring will ever be able to catch your eye the same way bright colors can. 

Plus, who doesn’t want to have a rainbow dildo collection in their secret stash? Come on now. You know you want to. It’s perfectly fine because we really want that too.

Bright Colors Emphasizes the Shape of the Dildo

In case you need even more convincing, we’re not worried. We came prepared to ensure you that fun colored dildos are exactly what you need, and we’re not leaving until you believe us. So, you decide to take it one step further away from boring dildos — you want a fun shape. Now, this is when you cannot be reaching for realistic colors. Why? Well, because realistic penises don’t usually look like tentacles, for example. That’s unless we’re seriously missing something, in which case, do put us on. 

Back to our brightly-colored point! Bright colors will definitely make the shape of your dildo stand out even more. You’ll be able to notice all of its intricate details every time you reach for it during your solo sessions. Who doesn’t want to admire their dildo for a while before they see what it can actually do? We won’t judge if you do that, because we sure do it too.

Also, when you show your funky dildo off to your girlfriends, they won’t have to stare hard to be able to take it all in (not literally, though). They will be amazed the second they see it, and that’s exactly the kind of reaction you’re looking for. 

Which Color Sells the Most?

Now that you’re on the fun colors train let’s talk about which color is the most popular. Well, actually, it has already been proven that pink sells the most. However, that shouldn’t really mean anything to you. Unless you really like pink, in which case, you should definitely go for it. 

With so many other colors existing, you have an endless amount of options to choose from. What will make you choose a certain color? If we had to guess, we’d say you’ll probably go for whatever’s your favorite color at the moment. Still, there are many other things that will help you pick the bright-colored dildo of your dreams. 

Let’s say you have a sex room in your home because why not? You’re a grown adult, and you can have fun any way you want. Every sex room has a theme, most of them revolving around a singular color. Some can even have several complimentary colors included. However, the point is that you’ll obviously pick whatever color will fit right in with your playroom. So, take your time and choose away.


If you don’t have a bright-colored dildo yet, don’t worry. We’re sure you will now that you’re done reading this article. Fun colors simply make everything you’re doing more fun. This is the perfect time for you to forget all about the realistic and dull-looking dildos you’ve been playing with so far and swap them out for something you’ll want to reach for often.